ShenZhen ENO Opotoelectrics Technology Co., Ltd. (Enoptech) is a high-tech company specialized in production and sales of LED display, digital signage and other advertising multimedia products research and development, and is committed to providing solutions of electronic information engineering and various kinds of information publish system development and application.

At present, company launched Hologram 3D display LED FAN products widely used in advertising media,cultural   and recreational activities, sports stadiums, stage rental. With full color LED display system advantage, from design, production, installation and maintenance, using a full range of integrated solutions, We effectively reduce the customer's cost, so as to create higher customer value.

ENOTECH, with the pursuit of the first-class technology and first-class service   and fully consider   the customer's   information release and display needs, will provide customers with high quality LED Display products. In order to being a first-class LED display solutions supplier, we are committed to providing the most high-end   LED   display products.   

Continue with the past and open up the future, Enoptech will develop industry chain in horizontal and enrich the profit pattern. High quality products need a powerful marketing distributing network to highlight its value, we expect the partners all over the world to join our distributor team to make the business easier and fast.

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