The holographic 3D dazzling display theme is sought after by young people


Valentine's Day will usher in a new peak of consumption, and the holographic 3D dazzling display theme is sought after by young people

In recent years, Valentine's Day has become more and more popular with Chinese people. "Necklace","Ring", "lipstick", "cosmetics",   and other interesting elements have inspired people's passion for Valentine's Day holiday. Various scenic spots, bars, and shops have also launched a variety of fresh and fun themed activities or corresponding holiday decorations to attract consumers' attention. With the approaching of Valentine's Day, there is a constant enthusiasm in entertainment venues such as themed scenic spots and bars in various places. Among them, urban young people are not allowed to become the main consumers of festivals. Many theme parks and bars at home and abroad have become popular choices for young people.


Immersive holiday experience sought after by consumers

Valentine's Day in China is getting hotter every year. This year's Valentine's Day, major theme parks in China launched Valentine's Day themed activities such as masquerades, jewelry promotions, restaurant parties, etc. In addition to the theme activities, major theme venues in China also use different display devices to display holiday theme themes, including immersive Experience becomes the most popular festival display in the market. On the display, in order to create an immersive experience, many businesses have chosen a new display medium. Holographic 3D dazzling screens are one of them. Through the rotation of fan blades and lamp beads, the visual retention principle of the POV of the human eye can be used. Achieve realistic naked eye 3D effects.


With a holographic 3D display, how to express the theme of Valentine's Day to attract people? In fact, it is very simple. The holographic 3D dazzling screen can be divided into single and multiple screens. The single holographic 3D dazzling screen can upload Valentine's Day themed content through a smartphone app, and it can display realistic naked eye 3D effects , A single holographic 3D dazzle screen is arranged everywhere in the venue, which can give each consumer a unique holiday holographic experience. For multiple displays, multiple single machines are used to join screens. With mature linked screen technology, Halloween characters are displayed on a large screen. In addition to the realistic 3D effects, the content displayed is more rendering and experience. Sense, whether it is in a scenic area or a bar, etc., the theme can be displayed to attract people. At present, in the joint display of single machine and multiple devices, Enoptech two holographic products have their own characteristics. Among them, ETS-50X, which is a single display, has stable and realistic holographic display performance, and the display of Halloween can be Be realistic as a whole. The ETS-65X, which focuses on multiple screens, relies on the product's mature screen technology in the screen to achieve more than 720 high-definition imaging and display close to seamless imaging.


Holographic display is not only themed festivals, but also daily attractive

Enoptech holographic 3D dazzling screen can also play a role in daily life in addition to the theme display on Valentine's Day. Holographic catering has now become a kind of theme restaurant, and holographic bars and scenic spots have also become popular in China. The device is placed in the bar and scenic area. With the realistic naked eye 3D effect to attract people, it can well let consumers experience the theme of the place.

As an emerging holographic display device, Enoptech holographic 3D display has the function of displaying naked eye 3D in addition to the display function. Compared with traditional LED screens, it has incomparable advantages in display, and has gradually become the preferred brand of display media in the market.


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